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If you became unable to make decisions about your healthcare, would anyone know your wishes? How will you make sure that healthcare providers know what type of treatment you want and don’t want?

An Advance Directive, or Advance Care Plan, is a personalized plan that outlines your wishes in the event of a serious medical condition. These plans make it easy for family, friends, and healthcare professionals to make decisions about your care and understand your wishes when you are unable to speak for yourself.

The Charted Healthcare Planning Coalition exists to ensure every adult in the lakeshore communities has a plan for their future healthcare needs. We continuously work with individuals, organizations, healthcare professionals, and the community to educate them on the importance of making a plan. This includes how to have difficult conversations with friends, family, and patients.

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Advance care planning is a process that helps to ensure your treatment preferences are honored if you are unable to advocate for yourself. Advance Care Plans also help to keep your loved ones on the same page and in agreement.
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Please take a minute to review a copy of the Making Choices MI ACP document above. This is meant to simply help start the conversation, so you'll need to keep the conversation going with your loved ones and share your wishes with your doctor to make your plans official. 

If you have any questions, or prefer to talk to us in person about your healthcare wishes, please click here to contact us. A planning professional will be in touch to help you complete a free Advance Care Plan, also called an 'Advance Directive.'


Below is a list of links to resources that can help you in planning your Advance Directive.
Call 211.orgMoments of LifeGundersen HealthMaking Choices MichiganTedMed.comMichigan.govPBS.orgHarbor Hospice and Harbor Palliative CareSenior Resources



New Harbor Palliative Care role to welcome back Kelly St. Martin to the West Michigan lakeshore team

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My 92-Year-Old Father Didn’t Need More Medical Care

Ordering up more tests and surgeries for dying patients is easy. Getting patients the end-of-life care they deserve takes much more effort.

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Education on the importance of having a plan for advanced healthcare boosted by a $25,000 grant

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Advance Directives Appointments
Advance Directives are so very important! You can get help with one at Tanglewood Park on the second Thursday of the month from 10 a.m. to Noon.

Call the Wellness Office at  (231) 733-8643 to schedule your 30 minute appointment.

MCC Lecture Series Presents: Ethical Challenges in Advance Care Planning Monday, April 16, 2018 at 7:00pm

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Charted shares "Being Mortal" with the Community.

The Charted Healthcare Planning Coalition sponsored several community screening events of Being Mortal, the award winning Frontline documentary featuring Dr. Atul Gawande. The documentary not only puts a human face on end-of-life issues, delving into the real hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness and the relationships they have with their doctors; but it also explores how healthcare professional are faced with the practice of caring for the dying.

The first Being Mortal screening event, hosted by Senior Resources, was held on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at Tanglewood Park with over 40 people in attendance.

“I feel like people came away from the event inspired and motivated to talk with their families and create a plan,” said Lisa Tyler, Charted Engagement Chair and host of the Senior Resources screening event.

In addition to the events, Charted has trained professionals to have conversations with people about their own wishes, family communication techniques, and how to fill out an Advance Care Directive. The Charted coalition was recently rebranded from the “End of Life” coalition to find a name more mindful and representational of the group’s efforts in helping people chart a course of life.

The group capitalized on the nationwide screenings events of Being Mortal. The documentary was partially supported with funds from the Hospice Foundation of America. Other events were held at Brookhaven Medical Care Facility, Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging in Grand Haven, and Mercy Health in Muskegon.

“Our efforts really are not about the end of life,” said Tyler. “They’re about helping people embrace life to the end. We are striving to share the tools to do this.”


Education on the importance of having a plan for advanced healthcare boosted by a $25,000 grant

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The Charted Healthcare Planning Coalition consists of multiple community and healthcare organizations whose goals are to educate, create awareness, and give tools to communities regarding advance care planning. This long-standing Health Project collaborative is formerly known as the Muskegon End of Life Coalition.
Affinia Health NetworkHackley Community CareHarbor HospiceLifeCircles PACEMercy HealthMuskegon Community CollegeMuskegon Community Health ProjectNorth Ottawa Medical GroupSenior Resources


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